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Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc

MultiplexCalc is a multipurpose and comprehensive desktop calculator for Windows
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28 June 2015

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Won’t you like to use a calculator that would provide you with the essential and customizable features for various purposes? We can tell you about one such software that provides you with elementary, scientific, expression calculators set altogether in one. Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc 5.4 software is a calculator that effortlessly embodies different types of numbers and routines. With the software you would enjoy doing your calculation work with ease and get the complete and accurate results instantly. The functions of the calculator are good to be used by the beginners as well as the professionals.

Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc 5.4 can help you to carry various mathematical functions to solve the problem whether they happen to be simple algebra, or any complex equations. The appearance of the software is decent and the features are set in a well planned manner on the screen. The right side shows the buttons of the calculator to enter the digit or do other functions. You can state the formula in the bar given on the top of the program. Change the variable setting for the quantity, assign name for the values that are shown on the left middle side screen. You can copy the text to clipboard and paste; also undo the action that you had performed. You can enable the toolbar, status bar and select to show the hints. You can select the display of intermediate results or select all the session for printing. You can use the scientific notation for the numerical values and it also provides you with the feature to use unlimited expression length. Build polynomial, linear, or nonlinear equation set and you can also use upper and lower case freely for expression. The software provides with best calculating experience that would leave you with no tensions but all work done well. The comprehensive help is also provided with the software.

Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc 5.4 has been allocated 4 rating points owing to its extensive options and features. Further the software also gets the accolades for its speed and accuracy of its calculations.

Publisher's description

MultiplexCalc is a multipurpose and comprehensive desktop calculator for Windows. It can be used as an enhanced elementary, scientific, financial or expression calculator. It embodies generic floating-point routines, hyperbolic and transcendental routines. MultiplexCalc contains more than 100 mathematical functions and constants to satisfy your needs to solve problems ranging from simple elementary algebra to complex equations. Its underling implementation encompasses high precision, sturdiness and multi-functionality.
MultiplexCalc also has the unlimited ability to extend itself by using user-defined variables. You can add your own variables to MultiplexCalc in order to convenience your work. Any instance of a formula can be parsed once, and calculated many times with different variable values.
MultiplexCalc is an indispensable calculator designed for math teachers, scientists, engineers, university and college faculty and students, financiers and other professionals.
MultiplexCalc features include the following:
* User-friendly interface
* You can build linear, polynomial and nonlinear equation set
* Unlimited customizable variables
* Scientific notation for numerical value
* Scientific calculations and unlimited expression length
* Parenthesis compatible and unlimited nesting for expression
* Upper case and lower case can be freely used in expression
* History of calculation sessions
* Comprehensive documentation
* Calculation range: (1.797E-308, 2.225E308)
* High precision calculation - features up to 38 digits after the decimal point
* Accurate result display - features up to 24 digits after the decimal point
* Your can do standard manipulation with "Expression" edit box such as cut, copy and paste operations
Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc
Multipurpose Calculator - MultiplexCalc
Version 5.4.10
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